Love is God…..

I know I’m not perfect

I know I got faults

I know I got imperfections

But what I know is that I am God’s fault.

He made me in His own perfection

In His own image, in His own likeness

So in all my flaws I am God’s spitting image.

In the same likeness He instilled in me LOVE

Love that knows no boundaries

Love that knows no debauchery

When I love, I love like God

Fully, whole-heartedly, no holding back

He gets hurt when we do what is contrary

And he cries when we fall into sin

But His love is in explainable and

He lovingly forgives.

In the same image I give love and sometimes hurt too

And in the same perfection I forgive and move on

Worry and over thinking puts the devil in his playground

But happiness and forgiveness creates a paradise in our own lives.

I choose to be happy in such instances

Because God is happy when we accept and ask for forgiveness.

So forgive me love for going astray from you

Forgive me for doubting that you are false and not real

Forgive me for thinking that you are secondary to me

Forgive me for acting stupid in my jealousy

I love you LOVE and I don’t want to let you go

For God is love and I am His love

And you are my love, for love is God.


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Like a thief in the night…………..

He doesn’t know how she treated it

He doesn’t even know if it was to end

He doesn’t even have a clue if it actually ended

All he knows is like a thief in the night she left

Leaving him wounded, broken, and down trodden

Shattered in pieces left on the floor

He doesn’t even know if it was meant to be

How come they could not weather the storm?

How does lightning strike the same place twice?

They say karma is a bitch

I say karma screwed him shit

The feelings for her grew in him over time

Choosing to give everything even in his small circumstance

I saw him smile like a baby at the mention of her

Like the sun coming up so did his perfect smile

I see him sneer and smudge at the thought of her

Like the eyebrow now broken and crooked

All the way down frowns accumulate his lip balm

Wonder why all the way down and sad.

But a perfect smile is more appealing

So he wears it moving on from the misery he leaves behind.

Why did she phantomlike say goodbye he wonders…………………

Maybe God wants him to meet a few wrong persons before meeting the right one

So that when he finally meets her he will know how to be grateful for that gift.

He was already grateful thinking that he had found the one

But then again thinking doesn’t equate to finding.

Who knows it might be all His part of his learning.

Love is when you take away the feeling,

The passion, the romance in a relationship

And find out that you still care for that person.

I see him everyday struggling with that.

A sad thing is when you meet someone who means a lot to you

Only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be

And you just have to let go.

It was never meant to be and like a thief in the night she left.

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Forever free

I couldn’t remember what happened

But I know that it wasn’t pleasant.

Punishment for my mis-cause

She pays for my ignorance.

Fast forward to the present day

Some years into the horizon

I just can’t exclaim what it held

But I know it held something valuable

The way a pearl forms in that shell

Is the same way the glitter formed in me.

That shell caved and into it formed the most glittering

Most illuminating, most grand, most spectacular

Mould you’ll ever beget.

It was the form of her smile and eyes so bright.

Glasses couldn’t hide the glitter

But my heart saw the beauty and decided to flicker

I just couldn’t hold it anymore

It had to be released

And the kiss told it all.

My pearl was released and it was to be forever free!

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courage, honor

Courage is a hard thing to figure

You can have courage based on a damn idea or a mistake

But you are not supposed to question adults,

or your coach, or your parents, or your teachers;

because they make the rules.

Maybe they know best, or maybe they don’t.

It all depends on who you are, where you come from.

Did at least one of you think about giving up and joining with the other side?

I mean the valley of death; that’s pretty salty stuff.

That’s why courage is tricky.

Should you always do what others tell you to do?

Sometimes you might not even know why you doing something.

I mean any fool can have courage;

But honour, that’s the real reason you either do something or you don’t.

It’s who you are; and maybe who you want to be.

If you die trying for something important,

Then you have both HONOUR and COURAGE;

cc The Blind Side(the movie)

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Music of the soul

Quench your thirst in the sweet melody

Release your soul to the sound of the music

Let your face glitter to the whispers of the air

Let the moment live in your hearts’ stratosphere.

The pleasure and the joy it brings

Just to hear the music of the soul.

The beauty and splendour so grandeur

To melodise the moment that’s so pure.

That’s the sound of the harmony

The music of the soul; LOVE!

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Fly away

I remember the days when all was good and glamorous

When all was fresh and laughter all round.

I remember when I used to just chill out and dream aloud

When all I could do was write and smile with her by my side.

That was all then before my tumultuous downfall

Fall from grace to this pit of hollowness and misery.

The golden days are over and all adjoined to it is mistakes.

This is a public apology to all the goodness

That sacred call of faithfulness and clarity

From the love, care, and sweetness

To being a jackass, debt ridden and lonely ass

The sweetener though is that I’ll fly away

And join the class of stability, glory and ambition

I’ll fly away to the arms of the love so pure

Smile that is real, to the embrace of those little arms

To the love that is family and be whole again

The truth is I’m flying away.

Keep flying and always continue to rise

Higher and higher, for the limit is not the sky

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I am being ME!

Sometimes I might not differentiate right from wrong

I live knowing that my steps are guided

By the Most High and my life is defined.

I redefined but I always end up screwing up

But I’m always back on track

Through the disarrangement by Him.

In so many words I am walking through this world

Treading wearyingly through this dirt surface

To fall in line with His plan for my life;

All to define His purpose of my life on this earth

Guiding and redirecting my life through all shallow bridges

I may hide myself in the name of my arrogance

In the face of my stupidity, stubbornness and cockiness.


I live for I know my purpose is yet to be fulfilled

I walk for I know my journey is not yet over

I smile for I put joy in someone’s heart

I cry for I know the pain is shared

I run for I know the devil is always lurking

I write for that’s what makes my heart at peace

I pray for I know He is listening

I look up and see his beautiful face

I may not know what I’m doing

But I’m living the life He set me out to live

I am being ME!

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