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truly yours!

I can’t say that it was love at first sight because it grew overtime

but I can say it was the sensation of what I’d have that would be mine

of what I’d need,

what I’d feel,

and of course

what it would mean

to love and be loved!

The flamboyant feeling that was so encroached deep within is now free

enjoying the comfort and joy of the beauty so green

so fresh; so clean

truly yours!


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Q & A

I don’t want to sound skeptical, but why is there no hope no more?

people deviating to drugs, alcohol and sexual desire for hope.

Why is the world filled with darkness, hatred and boredom?

accumulated all over within even with our heart, body and soul.

Why is peace becoming a practice to be negotiated?

elevating some of the wrongs and disgraceful quotations to be debated.

Am asking; where is the world going?

What would it be like in a world flowing with milk and honey?

in a utopia where tribe, language and color is no norm

but for the Love of Christ that conquers all

and for which is greater than gold, silver and bronze

ask me why that can never happen?

Because we are living in a world of unknown

not wanting to know what happened the day before

or even trying to visualize what would happen tomorrow

because we all living in a landmine, ready to anytime explode.

Arguments fill the aura because that’s the ‘normal’ way to solve our issues

curses come from deep within because it’s our way to vent our anger

cries rent the air as it’s our usual way to reveal our emotional rituals

the slogan ‘I wish I knew’ repeatedly said in us to reveal our blunders

but why should all this happen as a means to an end

when we can all try to reason and show some respect

as a way of solving this absolute total distress.

Would anyone out there come and speak to me and say;

would anyone therefore please step forward and answer my Q & A!

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the journey!

Thirty years of His life not documented or explained

not whispered, told or manifested.

Am I to fill in the blanks or think of what was not invested?

Ask yourself this;

why that long?

all that time alone?

was he thinking about me all along?

was I still His number one priority?

where was I in all this?

Oh! I now understand the norm

It was the journey to the wilderness

the journey of the unknown to find the known

to actually realize what was and is to be ministered

the power to impact the world with the WORD

and finally to help me understand that I am the light of the world

the salt which doesn’t want to lose its flavour

the power to connect the thirty years not unsavoured

the power that I hold in my heart so tender

the hinges to tell the story untold with his favor!

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me and my boo!

Me and my pals go hang out and as we relax, a heated argument ensues. It can never get any better than this because there is a married man, a bachelor, a rich spoilt brat and me!

RSB: “Put your glasses up boys because its us against the world! YEAH!”

(Three glasses go up to the amazement of the boys)

ME: “I beg to differ boys; its now me and my lady…….”

(They all burst out laughing)

Br: “We all know you can’t handle it, bra”

MM: “It takes two to tango but four to bango, if you know what I mean.”

Br: “Don’t worry gentlemen; its just an act of desperation. He’ll be back………”

RSB: “……… after a few drinks.”

(Cheers go round the table)

ME: “Its not an act boys, but an aspiration,

to make our life a dedicated dedication,

to transverse the world to our expectations,

to create our own with out imagination.

It takes two to tango right?”

(Silence engulfs the table as i gulp down my drink with a cheeky smile on my face.)

RSB: “Man, you are so backdated and foolish.”

ME: “You really dated way back but I guess what, I fool and drool with her. What about you?”

MM: “It would never work; man…….if only i knew?”

ME: “It doesn’t have to; that’s my new profession. To make her laugh and not work.”

RSB: “hahahahaha! Nice one bro.”

MM: “But if you are here, where is she? working?”

(They all laugh oblivious of the other guests)

ME: “Boys, I guess am in the wrong table………”

(An angel just walks in as the boys are bamboozled by her beauty)

“……..because its me and my boo!”

(I get up and walk away to the boy’s amazement)

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what am I feeling?

I have no idea what am feeling!

Maybe…..I don’t know…..I think

a little bit of this and that…what if

Pain because of the breakup of a relationship that never was;

Anger for a woman who I gave my all but never appreciated all that was;

Fury for a father that never swallowed his pride and lost a family;

Rage for brandishing a panga on her and chasing her off with nothing;

Incognito because I don’t know if I should stay or go far away and be alone;

Uncertain if I should visit my father in hospital only four days after he chased her away;

Indifferent because I don’t know if I should care or not for all this;

Teary because I have lost all I hold dear in me,


Weakness because I don’t know if I should go on or give up.

She says I should hold on for her but what is she to me

I feel nothing in me; not even concern.

I am empty,brittle,alone,deserted

no one there; no one cares.

People say they do but those are only words to make you smile

but in the long run no one to turn to.

What am I feeling because it is unexpressable;

what am I feeling because it has no root;

what am I feeling because I feel dead;

what am I feeling because am not feeling!

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lyrical speech

Musically speaking, its more than multi-platinum

a crowd favorite, more than a club banger.

Call it a revealing revelation but more than a one-hit wonder.

an everybody’s swagger, definitely a mind-blowing debugger.

But its a coincidental happening, let me say a myth

out of nowhere she popped out onto my screen

then we hit it off just like a fling.

Up to date i have ‘not’ seen her face and being

but I know she’s the answer to the myth in between.

Emotionally, she’s making me have this feeling

a feeling that is affecting my whole being like a disease

a feeling that is making me stink and not at ease

making me spread it all around like the air breeze.

I don’t know how I can put it, but its good

but all I can say is that its the feeling of peace!

According to her physically, I have a cheeky smile

with small eyes and a clean cut.

Well, that’s what she said when she saw me in part

in that picture email I sent her when I was in the dark.

Mathematically, she’s a beautiful girl living large

enjoying every minute of every day being glad

of what occurred on that day in that chat.

As I contemplate and comprehend of what was

I evaluate and meditate of what is

knowing that this is going to be a perfect bliss

making merry all the way, living it in bits.

This is my lyrical speech,

from deep within.

My life insync,

as we let it be!

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Responsibility, a key element to survival.

Not survival for the fittest,

but survival to be fit.

a survival of the heart, body and soul

and to achieve the best

because one is too small a number to achieve greatness.

Ecclesiastes 4:9, “Two are better off than one because

together they can work more effectively…….therefore

a rope made of three cords is hard to break.”

It therefore becomes an issue of collective responsibility

an element desired by many but achieved by few

articulated by every Tom, Dick and Harry

but implemented by a few.

Finally, boiling down to the level of personal responsibility

work from within to achieve greatness outside

putting God first and the rest by your side because

“A God-shaped life is a flourishing tree” (Psalms 11:28)

Stop procrastinating and take responsibility

to work diligently and with dignity

to achieve greatness;

not alone but with everyone’s ability.

Responsibility; a vessel to divinity!

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