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Butterfly fly too….

I might be caught up in the euphoria of life that I fail to notice,

So engrossed in the happenings and ongoings that I didn’t know this,

Much captured in my utopia for me to stop and see,

That I have become a zombie,

not noticing the beauty.

The whirlwinds of life swept me,

driving me to pity and self doubt within

fighting with me and weighing me down;

Damn! I can’t take this.

Now I stop and think

slow down and review

sit down and rethink

what was that I did

almost lost but can be redeemed.

I hesitantly go back; begin

to look back all the deeds

good or bad, out and within.

I am shedding off the old,

I am embracing the new;

getting out of oblivion

embracing it in full,

the beauty of life

out of this cocoon;

stretch and blossom

and fly and let loose,

hibernate from this baggage

and fly away;

’cause butterfly fly too!

I choose to forgive myself

and not let guilt consume me

done with all the hurt and bitterness

and now I walk through.

’cause this is my year,

letting go of all my fears

embracing all my achievements

all in due seasons!


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