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ask the butterfly…………


Every once in a while I discover that I’m not as shallow as I assume,

Perhaps everyone does the same.

I do get wishing at times, that all will be well,

that dreams that I’ve always had will come to pass,

when I look around everything tells me its not going to happen,

But then I’ve been through this before,

times when I have to go through the trenches,

moments of pure torture, when it just doesn’t seem fair,

when its as though all the hard work has been useless,

when the sun scorches and the rain hits hard ,

when everyone seems to read a different script

and all you want is to be all alone.

Whenever this happens,

I have learnt one thing,

No pity parties,

Let the rain fall on you, let the sun hit hard,

Don’t rush to the comfort zone, let life’s blows take their course,

Walk through the mud, by pass the koolaid,

When your feet are sore and bleeding and the sweat keeps coming, trudge on,

If you feel like walking away from everyone’s noise,

 just do it,

you do need the big picture,

As the pain bites, keep your cool, dont shout about it or run around whining,

As I have come to know the sooner you bear it all,

The sooner it all gets done and you get a step closer to the dreams you have always wanted,

The more you run away from the pain, the more your dreams run away from you,

Its a sequence with no short cuts,

You have to follow the script,

So whenever I see the pain creeping in,

I’m hesitant at first, but not long after I start smiling,

I know its time to move one step higher but the pain is my vehicle.

Whats more the best memories always come from these tough times,

You could ask the mother who had to bear the birth-pains,

Or the butterfly who had to stick it out as a worm.



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