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for YOU……

 The life that you bring out in me,

The evolution of love in its green,

The wonder of flowing love within,

Like the stream flowing peacefully;

So clear and true,

So vivacious; no gloom,

So enigmatic, fully bloomed,

All yours, to you glued.

I breathe your freshness,

In your embrace I feel refreshed,

I see your beauty,

Tender loving, no regrets.

I marvel in your utopia,

Abound, there am at rest;

I surrender in your leafy euphoria,

Walking bare in thy gracefulness.

I watch you grow, refined in every way,

I feel the warmth, in life how you portray,

I enjoy the calmness, from the breeze that sweeps away,

That speaks of love, whispering your voice in a silent way.

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