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the MAN

I look at my life and where am from

Look at the journey and path taken all along

Crooked, misguided, fruitful, well in abundance

If you ask me if I would change anything at a glance

My answer would be a resounding NO; and yes in some instances, why not

But what I would never change is the fact that God gave me that one chance

To be who I am, a leader, a warrior, a MAN.

He created Heaven and Earth a d proceeded to create man

In His own image and likeness and was glad

That He looked at everything and got to see it was good, thumbs up.

Fast forward to the man that lives in this age and time, NOW

Well versed, articulate, eloquent, skill all in abundance

Mastery in his art, like His art of creation in His time

‘cause he was created in His own image and likeness,

you can call me His SON.

A father, a brother, a friend, a counselor, each an added plus

To his ever growing list of accolades accorded to him as he lives his life.

I can go on and on and on about it but he is much of a dying breed right now

Living an almost perfect life, almost Christian-like,

almost like the David’s and Solomon’s in their prime

Almost a true gentleman, almost a perfect husband and boyfriend,

almost winning that fight.

Fuelling an almost win being worth more than a no win in broad daylight

Believing it to be better than a perfect win designed by the one true DEAN

Of life and everything in this land,

‘cause He created everything and mapped out his life.

When I was a child, I talked like a child

I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child.

When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.

For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face.

Now I know in part but then I shall know just as am also known

And now abide faith, hope, and love

These three, the greatest of these is LOVE.

But always an almost love for Thee

An almost love to her from him,

From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks

Something like,” baby, you know I love you dearly.”

No wonder the wo-MAN looks at us and wonders why we are always mean.

She cries for that TOTAL attention, tender loving, care and trust

Just the way he took a rib and created EVE.

‘This is the LAST bone of my bones,

And flesh of my flesh.

This one will be called wo-MAN

‘cause from the MAN this one was taken.

Yet they lived in the garden, man and his wife, naked

Together and they did not even once become ashamed of it.’

God calls all MEN to be naked in His eyes

Not to be almost naked but totally naked in His eyes

Totally sold out to Him and to totally submit to their wives

Ready to tackle anything with a mentor, a friend, a brother or even a wife

And take the checked flag for we will win this fight

Man you are a warrior destined for greatness

Not an almost win, almost succeeded fight

But a fully won victory in all eyes of the crowd

And we will stand and say, we won the FIGHT.

‘cause in everyone’s and His eyes, we are the warrior, the MAN.

Be that good man and live that good life destined

By the one true divine, the master of time

For in the beginning, God created heavens and earth

Then proceeded to create in His own image and likeness, the MAN!



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my prayer

I may not know everything;

I may be among the people trying to make life smooth and right,

But what I see everyday is so disheartening and not right

A lot of people look at the wrong places for hope and resurrection

Carrying burdens that are so heavy and wear them down

Loosing the essence of Christ dying on the cross for our sins

He says come to me the way you are and confess your sins

He is willing to forgive and forget all things

‘Lord, just say a word and I shall be healed’

And just like that all burdens and worries will be washed away

And a new person born again and a new spirit renewed within you.

I can’t for see the future but I know how it will end

When all there will be is happiness, laughter and no regrets

When love will conquer all and all will be nothing but the best

But before then the path is narrow, crooked and full of displeasure and distress

be it economical, psychological, and personal or even everything in our path put to the test.

The situations and pressures will wear us down when all we will need is rest

Tender loving and care and out with everything pulling us down again and again.

This is a message to people like me who want everything to be the best

Who want happiness, love, care, compassion to be the cornerstones of their lives

Be it of family, personal, friends, and loved ones, even in their own lives.

We fail and some of the mistakes are heavy to carry thus wear us down

Its time to let go and rise up again for we owe it to our future wife and lives

For Christ died on the cross to take this burden away from us

And make our yoke light

With everything associated with us

and thus we need to stand up and fight

All the evil and malice, and make the best of what is called LIFE!



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my first…..

Many things happen and no one ever knows why; but they just do and the experience can be excruciatingly painful or just a plain success. It’s all about taking that first step; TAKING THE RISK. I’ve had my fair share of them and a lot of them to be honest have just ended up being painful but the main thing is I took the risk and I will gladly say am more enlightened on the what not than you who didn’t take his/her. As of now I won’t dwell on the painful risk experiences but rather the one that makes me where I am right now; happy.

“Standing right there I didn’t know what to do or expect but I knew what to say but not how to say it. In short I was sheepishly lying to myself of being courageous and got game but this time I weakened and buckled murmuring words as if auditioning for that acting position in front of my mirror. I checked and re-checked my looks and even sniffed to check if my cologne still persisted and assured myself that I still got it. Time flew by as I pondered my first move but then again as it looked like ages it was just a few seconds gone by. ‘Shucks. I have to do this’ I told myself. Just as I was about to make the move, the one thought that always runs through any guys mind ‘she is very pretty and must be taken’ resoundingly metamorphosed through and there went my heart-racing, herculean confidence out of the window.  Yeah I blew my chance with this one and on with my life I went. Little did I know that this was to be the beginning of the forever novel I would be writing.

Funny enough as I was walking away recounting what just happened I couldn’t believe that I caved in like that. How now and me of all people lost confidence in myself and walked away. What was with this lady that I couldn’t trace that made me fumble and give in that easily? This was a fast and first one. I had never walked away from such a scenario and it was scary and worrying but an exhilarating feeling nonetheless. Smiling while walking away and still kind of new in this environment that I was, I resorted to finding more of this marvel. Where and how was in itself a challenge but one that would take me through tunnels of inner will to find more about her and why I fumbled and caved in.


To be continued………….

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Sometimes I just want to curse and wish everything away

Sometimes I just want to run away and be alone somewhere else

Sometimes I just want to scream and rant all the dismay

Sometimes I just want sit alone in silence and replay

All the happening s and all the grumblings

All the agony and wish all the pain away.


Sometimes I just want to laugh and be happy all day

Sometimes I just want to be the light and smile to you and no one else

Sometimes I just want to advice and let you know am always a call away

Sometimes I just want to hug you and tell you it’s going to be okay

All the pain and agony be washed away

The shame and despair be put to rest.


Sometimes I wish that you would call and check up on me

Sometimes I wish that all you ever thought about is ‘how are you?’

Sometimes I wish that you would look up and notice me

Sometimes I wish that I would be the person standing next to you

All the wishes about me and you would come true and be we

The dreams and memories always will be about you.


Sometimes I wish I would cry in front of you and let you know am weak

Sometimes I wish I would stand at the rooftop and tell the world about you

Sometimes I wish I would adorn your clad and mimic you

Sometimes I wish all I could do is speak

Of your love and kindness

Of your humility, care and gentleness.


If wishes were horses,

I would ride with you into the sunset.

If dreams were reality,

I would erase the SOME and make it our best TIMES!


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Do we do what we do because of what we have that defines our doing?
Do we say what we say because it sounds good when we say it?
What goes on in your mind when you say and do what you do?
What transpires from your heart in the things that you hope and wish you would do?

Then let this be…

When you do not know what you doing and what you are doing is the best,
Speak not because you want to say something but because you have something to say,
So this is my ‘In-aspiration’

Ever had the question ‘How can a man be a bride?’
Ever had the reply ‘The essence of masculinity is initiation and the essence of femininity is response?’ Well guess what, what is above and beyond all things is so masculine that we are all feminine in relation to it…




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Thoughts and dreams…me and you

They dream about it, drool it all about,
the sandy white beaches,
the ocean,
the sunrise,
the sunset,
the coastal spicy dishes,
Yeah; they all beautiful
but are they within you?
You can’t enjoy happiness if you can’t be happy within you,
You can’t have fun if you don’t have someone beside you,
You can’t have memories if you can’t capture it all about you,
You can’t enjoy it all without her around you.
That’s why I chose to be beside you, to make the dreams a reality encompassed around you,
to relish the moments as you package them in tokens,
of pure joy, ecstatic feelings, the special moments,
to hold them so near ad reminisce them all in doses,
to activate and deactivate them when engulfed with a bad omen.
Yeah! Weeks of embodied and precious treasures,
weeks of new beginnings, new pressures,
weeks of friendships and loving gestures,
weeks of tremendous fun, expeditious adventures,
weeks of personal knowledge, aggravated measures,
weeks of me and you,
weeks of happy endeavors.

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make it count

Wow, its been long since I put up a post. Last was December and I know my readers have been in disarray wondering what happened. It has been one hell of a ride my friends and well the fruits of the labor will eventually materialize like the sunrise each morning. 2012, what can I say about it; had so much expectations for it but how it started made me yearn it never did but we can still make the most of it. Its only 3 months on and well I can say the flicker is still there so there is still hope of a better tomorrow.

The future IS so bright than the present but we can still smile and know that the brightness of the future will disintegrate the darkness of the present. The erratic ways and misfortunes will remain behind for the path to tomorrow is not straight and well lit but can be so with the lessons and self-will. I won’t sit here and assume that we all got it covered; no its all asunder but I know the everyday gift of tomorrow to repair and mould helps us to dream again from the despair and blunders. To forge forward, to ascend, to make more, to comprehend, to seek new, to mend, to start a fresh, to embrace, all in union of a better self.

Thus my call is to make the most of what is current, forgive the past but not forget for its the experiences that make us wiser and stronger, bolder and controlled to face each tomorrow with a new urgency, a new skill. Make it count!


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