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Bounty Hunter (Gain the world……lose your soul)

5.00am in the morning, the alarm rings

I got to wake up and prep for school, damn

“But this dream was too sweet, just 10 ten more minutes”

I would tell myself.

Then mom would pass by my room and say,

‘Wake up Solo….you will be late for school?’

Still drowsy and more sleepy than ever

My ‘lazy self’ remembers the snooze button

And think just 10 more minutes and sheepishly utter,

‘Sawa mum….’ and gently go back to sleep.

The morning air breeze calmly and gently caresses my face

Who would wake up from that slumber, would you?


10mins seems like 1second gone by and a stern voice cuts short my slumber,

‘…Kijana bado umelala, wake up…..’

Who wouldn’t wake up from that?

My rat race began from that point to this day.


School instilled in me hard work, work ethic, and personal growth

A lot about who I am to be, what to do and,

My antennas were broadened to achieve anything that I want

Specialize in everything around.

I can be a musician, I can be a pilot, and I can be a doctor,

What would you be?

I can be an aeronautical engineer; I can be a soccer player,

You can call me Balotelli, the man of the moment (striking the macho man pose)

I can be anything I want to be

But nobody told me I can be me.

So I set out into life, into the rat race;

Filled with the hope of life, all achievable in this time frame.

Man, you should have seen me then, titanic ain’t got anything on me.

I was a walking Godzilla, going out to achieve EVERYTHING.

Anything you threw at me, I hit it right back

Used to fly with superman by my side,

Would you say anything about that?

I was the ballers’ baller,

The players’ player

You couldn’t tell me anything,

I would sideline you as a talker.


Then life hit me hard with the mother of all words, EXPERIENCE.

Showed me I was a weakling, an inflated balloon of fantasies

I was the talker, she was the walker

I was a small boat, she was the titanic

But still I held the hope, that I would breakthrough

That ‘hope’ light still flickering, that I would make it through

That I would stand tall, and be the voice of truth

That I can be anything I want to be, and still be me.


5-bedroomed mansion house, overlooking the sea out wide

Picture that.

Range rover sport out in the parking lot

Huge office space, you can call me the boss.

Beautiful, sexy girl, damn, how about I make her my wife

The cry of a baby girl, wish that was my child.

*smelling* the smell of fresh air, now that’s the life.

You still with me or are you already in the fantasy world…

Reality check……….that’s my life

I GOT the girl, got the girl, I got the sport, I got the house.

Yeah, I got it all, I got it all

but still I don’t have it all.

Would you call that the ABUNDANT LIFE?

I become the ‘bounty hunter’,

Gaining the luxuries of the world, yet losing my soul?

Don’t blame me, I was envisioned to gain all that.

And now I got it all; but I got nothing INSIDE at all.

How about we meet in the corridors of thought,

And think about it all……

                                                                                   …….to be continued.



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