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I am being ME!

Sometimes I might not differentiate right from wrong

I live knowing that my steps are guided

By the Most High and my life is defined.

I redefined but I always end up screwing up

But I’m always back on track

Through the disarrangement by Him.

In so many words I am walking through this world

Treading wearyingly through this dirt surface

To fall in line with His plan for my life;

All to define His purpose of my life on this earth

Guiding and redirecting my life through all shallow bridges

I may hide myself in the name of my arrogance

In the face of my stupidity, stubbornness and cockiness.


I live for I know my purpose is yet to be fulfilled

I walk for I know my journey is not yet over

I smile for I put joy in someone’s heart

I cry for I know the pain is shared

I run for I know the devil is always lurking

I write for that’s what makes my heart at peace

I pray for I know He is listening

I look up and see his beautiful face

I may not know what I’m doing

But I’m living the life He set me out to live

I am being ME!


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Rest In Peace Brothers!

Look at the pain in his eyes

Look at the tears in his eyes

Look at the fear in his face

Worry, uncertainty, concern.

He knows not what holds next

He might be next in line

To be called to be the guard of honour

The main man for the mission

The guy who would protect us all

But he is scared for he feels insecure.

Sacred to his calling, he goes forth

Not knowing what holds

But all he knows it’s his duty

To protect, to serve, to defend.

What he vows will be the last thing that would bring him down;


He lays down his life

For the security of her

For the safety of his child

For the sake of the nation.

He put it all down for one cause

Protection of all.

For the departed soldiers

You are heroes to the eyes of the nation

You are the darling to the land that gave birth to you

And you are the force that drives us forth

For your loss is not in vain

For our survival we will fight for you

You passing is not in vain

We cry; but we fight on in and for truth

Rest In Peace Brothers!

To the departed soldiers that lay it all down for the defence of our beloved nation.


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