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The band on my hand

I look at the band on my hand

Look at the memory it holds with me

Look at the smile it shines back at me

Look at the brightness it shines through to me

But the more I look at it, the more I want them all back

All it brought and all it resembled

All it signified and all it wrote

And spoke to me, in me all it provoked.

Many memories, many fights,

A lot of laughs, a lot of cries

Few people, one true friend

A lot of hope, magnified peace

All that existed was nothing but joy

It signified a lot and still does.

RED evidenced pain and the tears shed

Seething anger to the hurt and mistrust felt

Wanting revenge but holding back because it wasn’t worth

For the pain was reciprocated by love and care

You always held on for you knew the value

The greatness and vision all in your sight

You saw it all and removed the RED for red

A moment of silence to let go of the hurt


BLACK encompasses the oneness

Of the heart, mind and soul

Of each of us all through this journey

I can never signify your essence

But I can envision your presence

A moment of silence for the one I hold dear


GREEN all resembled the cultivation we made

To beautify the landscape of love

To water the garden of togetherness

All to bring out the ultimate achievement

Of me and you together as one

We made it and need to maintain the scenery

A moment of silence for us to enjoy the beauty within us


WHITE in all its peace it brought

The hope that we are one and united

Sacrifices we took to be that one chord

I can never forget the struggles we had to achieve that

Moment of silence for the inner soul begs for that


That’s my band on my hand


From the one that gave it to me

I hold it dear for its future is my present

And my present is its future

My heart speaketh!


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