Fly away

I remember the days when all was good and glamorous

When all was fresh and laughter all round.

I remember when I used to just chill out and dream aloud

When all I could do was write and smile with her by my side.

That was all then before my tumultuous downfall

Fall from grace to this pit of hollowness and misery.

The golden days are over and all adjoined to it is mistakes.

This is a public apology to all the goodness

That sacred call of faithfulness and clarity

From the love, care, and sweetness

To being a jackass, debt ridden and lonely ass

The sweetener though is that I’ll fly away

And join the class of stability, glory and ambition

I’ll fly away to the arms of the love so pure

Smile that is real, to the embrace of those little arms

To the love that is family and be whole again

The truth is I’m flying away.

Keep flying and always continue to rise

Higher and higher, for the limit is not the sky


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