Is an all-round enthusiast born and bred in Mombasa and fine tuned in Nairobi, who writes poetry, a travel enthusiast, Disciple of Christ, sports fanatic and player (occasionally playing basketball). When he is not all enthusiastic, he loves to get it on by mountain climbing, random traveling, and to get his adrenaline pounding by speeding (literally). He is a graduate Accountant who studied commerce at Jomo Kenyatta University in Kenya and is currently employed as an Financial Consultant/Audit Manager at Transglobal Consultants.

His long term plan is to travel all over Kenya and beyond exploring this wonderful land and keeping my adrenaline at an all time high while enjoying everything that is to enjoy.

You can connect with him through any of the avenues listed below;

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3 responses to “machariakinyua

  1. Vivian

    Hey Solo, i dint know u do Poetry. This is an interesting blog.

  2. well yeah I do this is another side of me you didn’t know right enjoy

  3. Hi Machariakinyua,

    We are a family from Germany. In the next weeks a girl from Kenia/Nairobi will come to our house, to be aupair for one year. I’m searching a nice picture of Nairobi. I want to print it on a poster for her room. It’s hard to find a nice picture. Now I saw yours on your webside (skyline at nigth). It looks really great. Is it possible to send me this picture? Or do you sell your pictures?

    Have a nice day!



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